Hello to all out there.

It’s getting to the busy time of year, here is a little run down of what is going on around the club.

The Australian Baseball League 2019/2020 season is about to begin. The Rangers are heading out to the ball game on Sunday December 1. The club are putting on a bus to the game and back. The cost of a return bus is $30 an adult and $15 a child. You can purchase game tickets at the gate. For more information please contact the club.

Looking for players.

It may be a few months off but we all know the season comes around really quick. With impressive numbers last year the club is looking to expand by entering a third side in the 2020 North Eastern Baseball Association winter season. The Rangers are putting a call out to all those interested persons past and present to come down and have some fun on the diamond. All are welcome. Drop the club a message wangarattarangers@hotmail.com if interested. Spread the word!

Coaches we need you.

There is a lot of experience out there in the ranks and surround areas, the club looking for interested parties to coach the club in 2020. For those interested just let us know!

Home run fence is a go

Yes President Nathan Pools little project, an enclosed diamond one is beginning to get some serious traction. The Wangaratta Rangers are looking to erect a home run fence adorned with your business advertising. This is a one off cost for the lifetime of the sign; $400 for non-business and $350 for business. If you are interested or know someone who may be please get in contact with Nathan Pool.

Getting a Spray

It looks like it’s time to spray the ground for weeds. With that lush infield, it’s got to continue to look good and get better. In the next few weeks after spray the club will be looking for assistance to get everything right before the real busy time of year. If you can’t make it on the day, let the club know and come down another time during the week if it suits to tidy up and help out. Many hands make light work.

Merch update.

New hoodies for the 2020 season will be available in the New Year. Big thanks to Rob Seymour who has done the work. For hoodies orders see Rob.

Fundraising ideas

Man of many talents Kelsey Burder has taken the reins once again and is looking for new and creative ideas for a functions in season 2020. One thing is for sure the players and families do support the few functions we have per year. Any ideas or wish to get involved let Kelsey know.

Junior Committee

It has been a wonderful year for junior baseball in Wangaratta. From having two junior teams during the year, to now with over 40 kids turning up for t-ball on Wednesday nights, the game is certainly coming back to life. Wangaratta rangers are looking for interested persons to be involved in a junior committee who will work in conjunction with the senior committee. If interested in the future of junior baseball please let Nathan Pool know.


North Eastern Baseball Association annual general meeting will be held on Friday 22nd of November from 7pm at Targoora Park Wangaratta. All interested are welcome to attend

That’s about it from the President. He said something else about what I did in the last few months. One thing I have learnt is get in and get involved. Give it a crack and you be surprised in what you can achieve!

Exciting times ahead.

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