What a great night at training on Thursday night. The Ranger faithful turned up in great numbers and were worked over by the coaching staff.
Dinner was sensational and there was dessert too. Fantastic!

This weeks see us head up the Hume to take on Wodonga. The club are looking for two people to line umpire the games. So if you want a little bit extra pocket money please let the club know.

Juniors is on this week. There will be a junior game following game one . If you are keen for a hit or a throw come on down and come see what baseball is all about. All are welcome. It’s good fun. Spread the word!

Wodonga Warriors White vs Rangers Orange
Warm-up 9:45am for a 10:30am start

Tony Smith
Brent Miller
Jason Jonker
Mick Wyatt
Ian Dinsdale
Lauren Dinsdale
Leah Dinsdale
Keira Dinsdale
Damien French
Brendon French
Jamie Samuels
Andrew Robinson

Wodonga Warriros Maroon vs Rangers Black
Warm-up is 1:15pm for a 2:15pm start
Tetsuya Kamiyama
Nathan Pool
Aaron Parker
Shaun O’neil
Scotty Jenkins
Ross Johnson
Owen Godenzi
Steve Peruzzo
Cam Scott
Rob Seymour

If you have not read it yet here is this weeks edition of Rounding Third click on the side bar on the page

See you all on Sunday!

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