WORKING BEE. This SAT 28th Oct 9am start.

Thanks to Mick Wyatt for the featured photo. Diamond one is looking a treat. The new turf has taken hold very nicely and is starting to look really lush. The new drainage is working well as was demonstrated when last week there was over 40 millimetres of rain in just an hour! Still there is work to be done.

With the warm weather and the recent rain the grass has gone absolutely wild. We need to get it back in shape. There is a School Sports day at the grounds in two weeks time using two of the back diamonds, so the club need to tidy them up.
Tools: Mowers, whipper snippers, etc. The club needs to tidy a little more around the main diamond also. If we get plenty of help we should knock it over in a few hours. Please make time to do your bit for the club. If you cannot make it then drop in for a hour and do a little bit when you can. Thanks.


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