The club has decided to upgrade the infield on the main diamond with drainage, resurfacing and new turf, This comes at a considerable cost to the club. To offset the cost we need your help in supplying the labour. This is a huge job that will happen over a 4 week period. The working bees will be a single day on each of the weekends to maximise our chances of everyone turning up. The schedule is as follows.

Stage 1 Prep.
This Sat 23rd Sept 8am start. Cut the top 100mm of the entire infield, expose current sprinklers and water lines. Mark out location of sub soil drains. Slot the pvc drainage pipes.
Tools required: Square mouth shovel, trench spades, Rakes, Wheelbarrows, post hole shovels and 4in grinders for slotting pipe. (Blades supplied) We will provide a BBQ lunch.

Stage 2. Install sub drainage.
FRI 29th Sept 8am start. OR Sat if we cant get numbers.
Dig drainage trenches, install pipe, backfill with stone and cover with geofabric
Tools Req: Shovels, Rakes, Barrows,

Drainage update

Stage 3.
Sunday 8th Oct 8am start. Cover entire infield with sand and level. Install additional sprinklers.
Tools Required: Shovels, Rakes, Barrows.

Stage 4.
Saturday 14th Oct. 8am start. Lay Turf
Tools Required: Rakes, Shovels, Barrows.

As you can see this is a big job, so we need all to help out. If we get to many people there is always some mowing and edging that can be done.
I will post each week to guage numbers and update on progress and any changes of plans.


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